English 431B: Advanced Shakespeare

A survey of the works from the second half of William Shakespeare's career

Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012 notes

Act 2, Scene 1

Line 1
What from the cape can you discern at sea?
Mood of anxiety

Line 165 +
Iago: “He takes her by the palm… with as little a web as this will I ensare as great a fly as Cassio.”
Aside – one player speaks while others are on stage, but they cannot hear what the actor is saying

Line 181 +
“It gives me wonder grate as my content…”

Line 197 +
“O you are well tuned now!…”

Line 223 +
Blacks are portrayed in theatre as black.

Line 286 + Iago’s soliloquy

Scene 3
Line 31 + “Not tonight, good Iago…”
The entire play hinges on the reputation of characters

Line 343 +
“s” sound, alliteration


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